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Copper Door Selection Guide


Copper door, noble atmosphere, solemn and serious, but generally speaking, the price of copper door is more expensive, and imitation of copper door and copper door is a series of products, it can imitate the effect of copper door and the price is affordable. So how to choose a good imitation copp

Maintenance method of imitation copper door


Compared with the copper door, the price of imitation copper door is lower. Because of the high safety of copper doors, many families want to install and use copper doors in the decoration of many families, but the higher price of copper doors is a headache, so imitating copper doors has become a

Copper door imitation is made of what materials for home decoration these can not be unknown


Compared with the copper door, the price of imitation copper door is lower. Because of the high safety of copper doors, many families want to install and use copper doors in the decoration of many families, but the higher price of copper doors is a headache, so imitating copper doors has become a

Why are more and more people using simulated copper doors?


Many people who simulate copper doors should know what it is like! In our lives, there are also many families who use such products, because compared with copper doors, the price of simulated copper doors will be relatively cheaper, and the use of copper doors is not necessarily the ones people b

How to choose high quality imitation copper door? Imitation copper door selection guide


The copper door is noble and solemn, but the copper door is generally more expensive, and the imitation copper door and the copper door are a series of products, which can imitate the effect of the copper door and is affordable. So how do you buy a high-quality imitation copper door? Let's take a

What should I pay attention to when purchasing non-standard doors?


Non-standard doors are very complicated doors. They are for standard doors (standard doors are 2 meters high and 80 cm wide). The most important thing is that there is no fixed size and there is no fixed style. It seems that there are also ways to open the door. A variety of, can be customized ac

You need a diamond star villa door.




Send cool, drum drums, Jiu an employees have benefits!




It is hot in summer and hot in summer. Entering the unusually high temperature for many days since July, the vast number of employees of Jiu'an industry and trade still stick to their posts, fighting high temperature and ensuring production. In particular, the

Villa door high-end private custom, diamond star doors for you to create a luxurious life!




Personalized, unique, exclusive labels, so that private customized villa doors to become the 80, 90 generation of personalized new favorite, private customized villa doors, attention to quality, style of young people love。


Diamond villas high-end villas gate unveiled at the door, the popularity of the storm, and create good results!




The Eighth China (Yongkang) Industry Expo ended successfully. For this grand occasion, Diamond Star Gate "dress up" ready for many times, early with the latest products in the company's factory area waiting for everyone.


Jiu an industry and trade - diamond star industry started to work, and 2017 is ready for a new chapter.




The first month of twelve

江西快3Diamond star manufacturing - brand rise, ingenuity inheritance!


  Quality is the basis of everything, is the attention to every detail, is a tireless pursuit, is a never compromised attitude. Diamond Star adheres to the rigorous and meticulous craftsmanship, craftsmanship to do products, materials, exquisite craftsmanship, sophisticated details, all show

Luxury and customization, innovation is our eternal pursuit.




Diamond brand is able to stand out, not only because of the choice of plate material, not because of product design, not because of product cost-effective. But the diamond giants from beginning to end did not define themselves in any style, more is to show you the di

Warm congratulations on the grand opening of the Xishui diamond store: the twenty-eighth phase of the wealth Summit


  In June 15, 2016, diamond shops and stores opened in Xishui. Therefore, the 13-year old brand "Diamond Gate" under the banner of Zhejiang Jiu'an Industry and Trade - Diamond Star Gate has opened a new milestone in Hubei Province.


Jiu an industry and trade - diamond star industry will meet with you.




The seventh door Expo will arrive on schedule. Each session is actually a new product exhibition. Unlike any previous Expo, this year is a year of new products. Imitate solid wood series, 8D high simulation copper series, aluminum panel splicing door series, ir

Warm congratulations on the twenty-second phase of the Ninghai industrial and commercial wealth Summit: grand opening of diamond shop in The Strip




On September 20th, on this rainy and sunny day, the diamond boutiqu

Warm congratulations on the nineteenth phase of the wealth summit, diamond shop, and the establishment of the German store.



September 12, 2015, Zhejiang Jiu'an Industry and Trade Brand of high-end diamond Xing Detan Office in known as "Nuo Opera Township, Tianma Township, Qishi Township" formally established in Dejiang, Guizhou! Mr. Lv Kaixin, chairman and President of Mr. Jiu an, is her

Jiu an wishes for victory in the war of resistance 70th anniversary! - landing at sea!




On September 3, the Chinese government held a parade on the 70th anniversary of the victory of the World Anti-Fascist War and the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japan in Tiananmen Square. On this day, all the people take a vacation to watch the gra

Precautions for measurement and installation of non-standard doors




1. Gateway size: refers to the size of the clearance of an unmounted door, including the width of the door, the height of the door, the thickness of the wall; the unit is generally expressed in millimeters (


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