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Solemnly promises:
1, our factory to sell all the products guarantee (human factors or irresistible natural phenomenon caused by the fault or destroy except).
2 after receiving notification, repair, with the fastest speed arrived on the scene and solve problems.
3, a user can through the after-sales telephone consultation related technical problems, and had a clear solution.
4, users in the normal use of fault appears performance, the company more than promises warranty service. In addition, the national applicable laws and regulations expressly stated otherwise, the company shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations implementation.
5, in the guarantee period, the following situation will be paid service:

(1) due to human or irresistible natural phenomenon and the damage happened;

(2) because of improper operation and cause failure or damage;
(3) because of the transformation of products, decomposition, assembly and fault occurred or damage.

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