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  Zhejiang Yongkang ZhuanShiXing Door Industry Co., Ltd. to in upscale Safety Doors, steel doors, non-standard door, Flat door, garage door, metal crafts and other hardware products, research, development, production, sales and service as one of themodern enterprise. The existing plant is 50,000 square meters, the registered capital of 1000 million yuan. Company by virtue of the geographical advantage as well as the strong research and development of Chinese science and technology hardware in all aspects of the hardware product design, manufacture and market aggregation and strict and efficient management mechanism, so that the "the diamond giants" series products in the material preferred, technology updates, introduction of talents, technology development, design, surface treatment aspects far better than a chip, and at the advanced level in the industry; high precision CAD ​​design, modern production lines, sophisticated manufacturing and testing equipment, and high-quality professional and technical personnel to ensure that "the diamond giants" product good security tamper resistance, unique finishes style, fashion style design and quality quality assurance。
  Diamond Star Gate the industry wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit us guidance!


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